Two great testimonials received this week

Two great testimonials received this week and added to my Testimonials page
Allergy gone.
Smoking …. what’s that? …. that’s for the ‘outsiders’!
Not had any cravings although had a few ‘moments’ of ‘oh I could have one now’ quickly followed by ‘why on earth would I want to do that!!’
Biggest change for me is the internal dialogue of feeling I was a ‘part of a social group if I smoked’ now feeling I am part of a social group if I don’t
I smoked for 30 years on and off and always felt whenever I quit I had ‘lost’ something. ‘Lost social acceptance and my security crutch’, but now I don’t need that at all.
Thanks to you Benjamin, you got all my subconscious ‘parts’ to communicate with each other and come up with healthier alternatives to smoking. I haven’t felt more in control than I do right now.
I can’t thank you enough, not only for the smoking but also for my hayfever, which had got so bad this year I would spend nights crying and daytime pumped up on pills and sprays, which I haven’t touched since my hypnotherapy session with you.
(Note: I saw Nikki for her allergy initially, and subsequently to help her stop smoking)
I have always had a fear in life, something that 99.9% of people would find a normal daily activity. Benjamin helped me to try and over come this fear through hypnosis. I’m not 100% cured, but i am in a lot better place than I was before trying hypnosis.
I would highly recommend him, I only had two sessions and they have helped me, to over come this fear before it totally took over my life.
Many thanks again Benjamin for your help