An Evening at Mwah

This evening I talked at Mwah Fitness Studio, where T was hosting an introduction to the Premier Lifestyle Slimming Club. It was a really interesting evening, PL seems like a very sensible and flexible philosophy and entirely different to the common deprivation/yo-yo/start-stop approach, much more about informed choices within sensible guidelines and with good support.

I was really pleased to be asked to talk to the group about hypnotherapy and how it can help with lifestyle and perspective changes, and overcoming the obstacles. They were a friendly bunch who did really well helping me out with a somewhat experimental demonstration.

I’ve only ever done that demo 1-on-1 so I had no idea if it would work in a group setting, but it did work for a few people, so I think with a bit of thought and practice it could make a great group demo.

It was also nice to get to speak to a few of the group afterwards too, all in all a great evening. Thanks T, Nicky, Leanne and the whole group.