Pricing Information

These prices apply to all types of sessions, whether in our therapy rooms or via Skypenosis.

ConsultationSingle session, 1 hour£30
Stop SmokingSingle session, 1-year guarantee (terms apply)£350
Phobias & AnxietiesOften significant improvement or a complete resolution after a single session, although sometimes it can take several sessions – call to discuss.£100
(per session)
Past Life Regression1 x 1-hour session for a first regression, many clients choose to have further regressions to explore more.£100
Tattoo/Anesthesia1 x 1-hour hypnotic conditioning session before any tattooing or other procedure, then however long the actual work takes. Priced per session, minimum £100£POA
Deep Relaxation (Mental Massage)1 x 1 hour of deeply relaxing hypnosis, suggestion therapy for a positive attitude for the rest of the day and bright outlook for the coming week.£100
Self Hypnosis2 x 1-hour sessions, 1 week apart. In these sessions, you will get completely relaxed and learn how to quickly induce deep relaxation on your own, and deliver powerful self-suggestions to your subconscious mind.£200
All other servicesContact me to discuss your requirements£POA

*Please note: for Skypenosis sessions, payment must be received no later than 24 hours in advance of the session.