Skypenosis – Remote Hypnotherapy

What is Skypenosis?

Skypenosis is exactly what it sounds like – hypnosis via Skype.

It doesn’t actually have to be Skype. In fact hypnosis can be conducted via Facetime, Google Hangouts or any other form of Internet video call, but as Skype is the leader of these types of technologies this method of doing hypnosis has colloquially become known as Skypenosis.

It is also sometimes called Skypenotherapy, Webnosis or Webnotherapy, but these are essentially all the same thing. If you know any other synonyms for Skypenosis please let me know!

Can you really be hypnotised over the Internet?

Absolutely yes!

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy via the telephone has been happening for years, and with the advent of video chat it has become very easy to conduct hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions via the Internet.

Hypnosis can happen for many people using just a recording of a voice, so an interactive video call is a very practicable medium for delivering hypnotherapy.

It is no accident that broadcast of a hypnotic induction via radio or television is banned in most countries, and has been for many years.

Why would someone choose Skypenosis?

Reasons can include the location of a preferred or specialist practitioner, Agoraphobia (fear of being out in public places), incapacity or other reasons that make it difficult to leave the home. Sometimes it’s just a preference.

Whatever the reason, the opinions of those in the know is fairly unanimous, Skypenosis is a perfectly reasonable choice and is in no way a compromise.

How much does Skypenosis cost?

A list of my prices can be found here

How do I book a Skypenosis session?

Call me on 07967473691 or use the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you to book.