Smoking Guarantee

The guarantee I make to my Stop Smoking clients is this –

  1. You will leave the first session as a non smoker
  2. You can have as many follow up sessions as are needed for up to 1 year and I will not charge you another penny.

Whenever someone calls to enquire about stopping smoking, I always ask 4 questions. These questions are designed to help us both assess whether you’re really ready to stop, and willing to make a commitment to do so.

If at the end of our conversation we both feel you are ready and committed to stopping I am prepared to offer the above guarantee.

What if I’m not ready?

If at the end of our conversation we are not both certain that you are ready to stop then I will encourage you to give some serious thought to the questions I have asked; this will help you to work out exactly how you feel about smoking right now and help you to know when the time is right for you to stop.

When you feel you are ready to stop I will be happy to discuss it with you again, and review the situation.