Hypnotherapy Services

This page links to more details about the hypnotherapy services available at Sudbury hypnosis. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you require help with an issue not listed please contact me

Online Hypnotherapy 
Hypnosis via Zoom is not only possible, but actually very effective. Currently all hypnotherapy sessions are conducted this way.

Stop Smoking
I have helped many people stop smoking, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my work. I even offer a 1 year guarantee.

Anxiety Help
Hypnotherapy is a popular choice for helping to manage and even eliminate all sorts of anxieties, usually in very few sessions.

Driving Anxiety
Anxiety around driving is a surprisingly common issue, which usually responds very well to hypnotherapy

Driving Test Nerves
I work directly with several driving schools to help their students pass their driving test. I can work with you too.

Pain Management
Hypnotic pain management is rapidly becoming accepted around the world as a viable alternative to drug based approaches.

Anxiety is something we all face from time to time, but how we respond to that anxiety can be the difference between a sensible precaution and a phobia

Fear of Spiders
A fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias in the UK, and it typically responds very well to hypnotherapy.

Pain Free Tattoos
It’s well known that hypnosis is great for pain management, but many people are surprised to learn that it can be used for reduced pain and even entirely pain-free tattoos

Fear of Flying
I have been helping people overcome their fear of flying for as long as I’ve been doing hypnotherapy and I have some very solid approaches

Memory Systems
Believe it or not, memorising large amounts of information can actually be very easy. I can show you how world memory champions manage it.

Exam Nerves & Stress
If managed right nerves can actually make you perform better in an exam. I can help you learn how to manage exam nerves and stress

Past Life Regression
No matter your beliefs about what is really going on, past life regression is an interesting phenomena that can be achieved through hypnosis

Self Hypnosis
The easiest way to learn self-hypnosis is to get hypnotised and learn how to do it from an actual hypnotist

Book a Speaker
I have given talks on hypnosis at all sorts of events and for all sorts of groups, from The Great British Tattoo Show to the W.I.