Does Hypnotherapy Work?

A common question people ask is ‘does hypnotherapy work?’ The best way for me to answer that is to let you hear from people who have experienced it. On various pages of this site you will find excerpts of real testimonials from real clients. All of those testimonials can be found here unedited and as they were set to me.

Testimonial from Carly Ashdown

A recent post I have just seen has reminded me, in all the excitement I totally forgot to leave my review/recommendations for Sudbury Hypnosis by Benjamin Ryan.

I was having driving lessons last year with the lovely Tarah From Aquarius Driving School, I was at the last hurdle-driving test fast approaching, and I was just falling apart with nerves, I just couldn’t get my thoughts off the upcoming dreaded “Test Day”.

Tarah suggested booking an appointment with Benjamin, as she had recently had another lady having the exact same experience, hypnosis with Benjamin had worked wonders for her.

Now I was a little sceptical having never had hypnosis before, but having worked myself into such a state I was willing to try anything that helped with the test now less than 2 days away.

I called Sudbury Hypnosis, and Benjamin so kindly dropped his weekend plans to make me an appointment for the very next morning, he instantly put me at ease, and worked through various techniques with me to find something that my mind/body would relate to for me to not only use on the day, but anytime I feel myself experiencing that same fear.

The proof was in the pudding as with the help of Benjamin and Tarah, I passed my driving test the next day!!

I would highly recommend this service and glad to hear Sudbury Hypnosis & Aquarius Driving School are teaming up-welldone guys.


Benjamin helped my husband last year, with a literal hair pulling problem.

Since seeing Benjamin, he has not pulled his hair once and the first time in 16yrs, I have seen my husband with a full head of hair. Thank you Benjamin you are amazing.


I went to Benjamin at a time of high stress and anxiety. He was quickly able to get me to relax and have clearer and more positive thoughts. Over a 3 week course I have revived by energy, positivity and joy of life. I have put into practice many of his teachings and now can self-hypnotise myself to continue the experience.

Ben is easy going, interesting, humble but more than that able to quickly focus on the problems you have. Great value for high returns.


I saw Benjamin, because my anxiety was getting out of hand and was ruining my life.

Benjamin taught me and explained different techniques of self-hypnosis that were quick to implement and efficient. The techniques Benjamin showed me had made a quick and noticeable impact and after the first session I could feel the difference, my anxiety was no longer controlling all of my thoughts. The following 2 sessions really improved how I could control my anxiety/fears furthermore.

I am now in control of my anxiety and have my life back on track, thanks to Benjamin.

I would highly recommend Benajmin’s services as he can help many other people with uncontrolled anxiety.

Thank you Benjamin!

Lionel Ravat


Allergy gone.

Smoking …. what’s that? …. that’s for the ‘outsiders’!

Not had any cravings although had a few ‘moments’ of ‘oh I could have one now’ quickly followed by ‘why on earth would I want to do that!!’

Biggest change for me is the internal dialogue of feeling I was a ‘part of a social group if I smoked’ now feeling I am part of a social group if I don’t

I smoked for 30 years on and off and always felt whenever I quit I had ‘lost’ something. ‘Lost social acceptance and my security crutch’, but now I don’t need that at all.

Thanks to you Benjamin, you got all my subconscious ‘parts’ to communicate with each other and come up with healthier alternatives to smoking. I haven’t felt more in control than I do right now.

I can’t thank you enough, not only for the smoking but also for my hayfever, which had got so bad this year I would spend nights crying and daytime pumped up on pills and sprays, which I haven’t touched since my hypnotherapy session with you.


Note: I saw Nikki for her allergy initially, and subsequently to help her stop smoking


I have always had a fear in life, something that 99.9% of people would find a normal daily activity. Benjamin helped me to try and over come this fear through hypnosis. I’m not 100% cured, but i am in a lot better place than I was before trying hypnosis.

I would highly recommend him, I only had two sessions and they have helped me, to over come this fear before it totally took over my life.

Many thanks again Benjamin for your help




Hi Benjamin,

Just wanted to say thanks, after more than thirty years of smoking and trying numerous quit smoking methods, I’m finally free.

I’ve waited this long ( 4 months) just to be sure of the ongoing effectiveness of the therapy. I have to say, when I first left your clinic I wasn’t sure how effective I felt it would be. I can confirm that since that day, despite being a forty a day smoker I’ve not had a single moment where I wanted a cigarette. Even on social events in the company of smokers. Once again thank you and I have already recommended several friends whom I’m sure will enjoy the same benefits.

If you wish to pass on my email address feel free to do so.

Kind regards

Dean Banks


I visited Ben for two sessions of hypnotherapy to address a problem I have had with flying for many years. I needed to take a business trip abroad and for the first time I had to fly alone. As the trip was only two days long I didn’t even have any ‘recovery’ time before having to get on the plane back.

I always believe in tackling fears and didn’t want my problem with flying to impact on my business. In the past I had tried lots of solutions including valium, alcohol and just toughing it out but my fear was too great and plane journeys were a nightmare for me, causing me not only distress but making me physically ill.

After the two sessions with Ben I felt much better and my anxiety levels in advance of the flight were really very low. I even watched the planes at the airport taking off without feeling the usual dread.

I cannot say it was an overnight cure or that I felt no anxiety whatsoever but the improvement on previous flights was huge. I only felt a little anxious on take off and a couple of times when there was turbulence, but I managed to take an interest in the book I was reading and even to order food and drink, which would have been unthinkable in the past.

If I feel it necessary in the future I may have more hypnotherapy as it has certainly been a big help to me this far; I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with an irrational phobia.


A little bit about myself. I was diagnosed with BPD in 2012 after having a breakdown, which resulted in having to leave my job on the grounds of ill health retirement.

The help I was given from the NHS was antidepressants and the hope of CBT treatment which I am still on the waiting list for.

By the time of Christmas 2013, I had enough. I had an extremely difficult year, but I was ready and wanted to change.

I looked into different treatments and I came across hypnotherapy, which had been used but there wasn’t much research on it.

My friend had used Ben for her driving anxiety and she shared his link on Facebook. I contacted Ben through his Facebook page and the ball started rolling.

Our first appointment we discussed at length about which symptoms were the worst, which we called the shopping list of symptoms that we could tick off.

Anxiety was the most controlling. It took over my whole being. I had a constant heavy aching feeling in my chest, rapid breathing, being fidgety, tense and not able to make eye contact.

That was me everyday. Imagine having to live like that. I did for such a long time but after that one session it changed my life. I could breathe! I was relaxed! I was starting to take control!! People around me could see how much it was working already, they could see a weight had been lifted.

Over the other sessions we continued to tick away at the list, each time gaining more confidence and taking more control of it.

I particularly remember using parts therapy where we spoke to different parts of me. Anxiety, depressed, angry etc. I still use this therapy for self hypnosis.

I still have my ”dark days” but I am now dealing with them in a healthy way and just ride them out. Now you might think that’s not good enough but it is for me. I would have rapid mood swings everyday, self harm or go on a drinking spree. I can now control it with bed rest and chocolate like normal people do. I would like to say they are few and far between but one day they will be.

Ben has helped me overcome the most difficult part of my life and I am forever grateful.

We have left the sessions open ended. Just like a dentist you need a check up every now and again.

I am now gigging in a few pubs playing guitar and singing, volunteering one day a week for the green light project helping people with drug addictions and starting to look into getting paid work. Now I couldn’t have done that 6 months ago.

Thank you Ben from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.


I recently connected with Ben through Twitter and have to admit was intrigued and worried about what hypnotherapy was all about.

However any concerns disappeared, from my initial phone consultation with Ben to my first session he made me feel at ease and comfortable with what was going to happen.

I have gone from having a phobia which would affect my day to day life to being able to go through the day without a thought on the phobia crossing my mind.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and Ben to everyone from the intrigued to the sceptical.




I had been experiencing anxiety about driving from the moment I started to learn how to do it. After finally passing my driving test about a year ago, the anxieties continued and increased despite being qualified and able. I would make excuses not to go out and if I did it would only be to certain places on a specific route, even if it was the long way round! Reasons I would have for not driving would usually be centered around clutch control and the gears, worrying that I would constantly stall the car and generally be an inconvenience to other drivers.

I realised that I really needed to address the issue as it was holding me back in life, and so decided to try hypnotherapy with Ben. I needed to catch two buses to get to the appointment as it was 20 miles away. After one very interesting and relaxing hypnotherapy session, my driving anxieties had decreased significantly, so much so that I was able to drive to a follow up appointment a week later. After two sessions, I feel confident enough to get out there in the car without having a multitude of thoughts racing through my head about what might happen on the journey.

It is a tremendous weight off my shoulders so thank you very much for all of your help, Ben!


Testimonial from Jenny Hay

I went to Ben to seek help with my driving anxieties. I was panicking over the simple thought of driving, even if was a trip to the supermarket. I had tried counselling a year earlier but it didn’t manage to help any of my worries.

Ben put me at ease and assured me that he could help. We chatted at length about my worries & anxieties before the session.Since I have found that my anxieties have reduced dramatically and I no longer worry or panic over simple journeys that I have made many times before. I have also managed to make longer journeys to new places & have happily driven at night also.

Thank you Ben.


Testimonial from Letitia

I arrived with so much anxiety and so many questions, I can’t even begin to describe it. Am I beyond help? Is this too deeply ingrained? Am I just an anxious person? Does hypnotherapy work?

In the first session I felt SO much better, all these questions were answered and all the others. It was actually great, and I left there feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time. I left with tools and techniques to manage my anxiety, but really I can’t remember the last time I needed them.

I learned how to self hypnotise too, which has been really useful and I still use it regularly to keep a positive frame of mind about life, it’s like meditation. I can’t imagine going back to how things were before.

Thank you


Testimonial from Sofia

“Benjamin helped me with my fear of flying. I fly on my own with my two children quite frequently. It has been very stressful for me for some time as I want to stay as calm and in control as possible around my children. I had one session with Benjamin and have flown six times since.

I find it getting easier every time now and realised that last time I actually enjoyed it somehow.My journey has gone from being completely stressed out and short tempered for about one week before travelling, to tapping my hand throughout the flight (as this was my “tool” to divert my emotions) to my last flight that was totally manageable.

I found myself diverting my thoughts in a split of a second automatically rather than focusing on this.I also found that I used this thought process when I was in a difficult situation with my son at hospital.”


Note: Sofia has also said that I am welcome to pass her number to anyone who would like to speak to her and confirm that she is a real person. For obvious reasons I won’t be publishing her number on the Internet, but if you would like to speak to her I will confirm that this is still OK with her and then forward her number to you.

To discuss your issue, or to ask any questions, call me now on 07967 473691

Does Hypnotherapy Work? Yes, it does!