Memory Systems for Perfect Recall

Memory Systems for Perfect Recall: Whether you’re studying for an exam or learning new information for your job, memorising can be a painful exercise. Doing things the traditional way, by rote (repetition and recitation), is slow, laborious and unreliable. I can show you how to memorise virtually anything, quickly, easily and with perfect recall.

The techniques I use are employed by world memory champions (such as Dominic O’Brien) and mentalists (such as Derren Brown and Keith Barry) to perform seemingly impossible feats of mind, such as memorising long numbers or multiple decks of cards in mind-blowing time.

But what is little known is that these exact same techniques can be learned for entirely practical purposes, for passing exams, for remembering dates, times places, lists, or anything else you need to learn, and that is what I can show you.

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Manage Exam Nerves & Stress

No matter what it is you’ve been practising or studying for, when the day comes to be tested it’s entirely normal to feel some anxiety, if managed right this can actually make you perform better than in your studying and rehearsal, and I can help you learn how.

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