Manage Exam Nerves and Stress

Performance anxiety and exam stress are perfectly normal and natural, and they actually serve a very useful function. They give us a shot of adrenaline, to make us alert, sharp and ready to perform our best. When it comes to taking important tests a touch of exam nerves can be helpful, but many people find it difficult to manage exam nerves and stress in a healthy way.

There are times in life where we all have to show what we can do, step up and perform at our best. No matter what it is you’ve been practising or studying for, when the day comes to be tested it’s entirely normal to feel some anxiety. If managed right this can actually make you perform better than in your studying and rehearsal, and I can help you learn how to manage exam nerves and stress!

Of course, you will still need to study, and practice, and acquire the knowledge or skills that are being tested. But as long as you take care of your part, I can help you to manage those nerves so you can operate at peak performance during an exam.

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Mnemonic Memory Systems for Perfect Recall

Would you like to be able to learn anything easily? Would you like to be able to memorise long lists, regulatory codes or any other complicated information with perfect recall? I can show you how to use systems that will give you this ability.

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