So You Booked To Stop Smoking

Thank you for booking your appointment with me to stop smoking. I have already asked you to bring 3 things, but here is a reminder of what they are in case you need it.

A list of all the reasons you want to stop (and the benefits of stopping)

Make this list as complete as possible. I will use this list to show the part of your subconscious that makes you smoke that you have your own very good reasons to stop, and that you are making a better choice. You will also keep this list to remind you of why you want to stop smoking once the initial excitement and enthusiasm has passed.

A list of all the activities that are associated with smoking

Make this list as complete as possible too. You might make notes during the day of what you were doing just before you lit up, or what happened that made you want a cigarette. These are the triggers that make you want a cigarette. I will use this list to eliminate those triggers, and if it is complete enough, you won’t have even a single craving!

Bring a BIG Craving

Please don’t smoke for 24 hours before the start of our session, I want you to arrive with a big craving. The reason I ask this is because within a few minutes starting our session I will remove that craving so that you don’t want a cigarette at all. If I can do that, it should leave no doubt in your mind that you are in the right place doing the right thing, but if I can’t you can simply turn right around without wasting any of your time or money – but I know you won’t!

So to Summarise

  1. A list of the reasons you want to stop
  2. a list of the activities you associate with smoking
  3. a BIG craving

Please also…

have a read of my FAQ here, which answers questions such as “What is hypnosis?”, “How does hypnosis work?” and many more. I’m happy to answer any questions on the day, but this may save some time so we can get on with the session sooner. See you at our appointment!