Self Hypnosis

There are many books, downloads and other materials dedicated to the topic of self hypnosis. Some of these resources are actually very good and some of those who use them really do pick up this life-changing skill.

woman practicing self hypnosis on the beachHowever, a far greater number of people are left wondering; am I doing it right? is this what it’s supposed to feel like? was I really hypnotised? Even with access to all the modern technology we have, a book can’t answer these questions.

In my practice as a hypnotherapist, I will often teach clients how to self-hypnotise, and I liken it to giving the keys to the prisoners. Learning self hypnosis helps things proceed more quickly during future sessions, but also gives clients the skills to control how deep they go and to get a better understanding of how the whole process works, making the therapy side of things even more effective.

I will also often teach people self hypnosis as a standalone technique, whether it’s because they want to work on problems by themselves or even if they just don’t feel the need for therapy at that time. Whilst this wonderful skill can be great for solving your own problems, it’s also fantastic for generative changes, such as improving sports performance, self-confidence or pain management.

How I Teach Self Hypnosis

I follow a two-session protocol for teaching self hypnosis.

In the first session, I will initially hypnotise you in a way that includes every element needed for subsequently learning self hypnosis. I will also give post-hypnotic suggestions to make your self work even easier and more reliable. I will then show you how to use elements of what we just did to induce hypnosis in yourself, and you will have the opportunity to practice and iron out any issues before we wrap up.

Plenty of people simply opt for the first session and find this works very well for them. However, session two gives a more in-depth understanding, with more options for going deeper, delivering suggestion and overcoming obstacles that may distract or detract from your own practice.

To discuss the options for learning self hypnosis with me, call me on 07967 473 691