Book a speaker

Do you need to book a speaker for your club, organisation or event? I’ve been giving talks at events for several years and have built a good reputation for giving lively, engaging and interesting talks on the topics of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and psychology.

When GBTS wanted to book a speaker and approached me I was only to happy to spend an hour talking to their visitors
I gave a talk/demo of hypno-anaesthesia for tattoos at TGBTS

I’ve talked to groups in all sorts of interesting places, from tattoo conventions to W.I. meetings, to the prestigious James Braid Society of London.

I can give a talk from anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes and can tailor the talk to whatever aspect of hypnosis or psychology will be of most interest to your audience. Most talks include some demonstrations of how suggestion and suggestibility work, and sometimes even a full demonstration of hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena.

Time permitting I also like to include an open Q&A section at the end, where the audience gets to ask me literally anything they want and I’ll do my best to answer.

If you’re interested in booking me to talk at your event, please call me on 07967473691 to discuss your requirements.

Note: I can also help if you have a fear of public speaking!