Fix your Fear of Flying, Suffolk Hypnotherapy

Come for a flight in a propeller plane, fix your fear of flying, SuffolkImagine what life could be like, if you could take a plane to wherever you like, whenever you like, wouldn’t that be amazing? Just imagine how much better life would be without a fear of flying. Suffolk based hypnotherapist Benjamin Ryan can help.

Is your fear of flying stopping you from doing the things you want to do or from being as successful as you could be? Is it stopping you from the holiday of your dreams, or from taking the kids where you would like to take them? Do you have to fly because of your job, and dread it every time?

A fear of flying can be a debilitating affliction, but you don’t have to put up with it!

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“Benjamin helped me with my fear of flying. I fly on my own with my two children quite frequently. It has been very stressful for me for some time as I want to stay as calm and in control as possible around my children. I had one session with Benjamin and have flown six times since.

I find it getting easier every time now and realised that last time I actually enjoyed it somehow.My journey has gone from being completely stressed out and short tempered for about one week before travelling, to tapping my hand throughout the flight (as this was my “tool” to divert my emotions) to my last flight that was totally manageable.

I found myself diverting my thoughts in a split of a second automatically rather than focusing on this.I also found that I used this thought process when I was in a difficult situation with my son at hospital.”


“I visited Ben for two sessions of hypnotherapy to address a problem I have had with flying for many years. I needed to take a business trip abroad and for the first time I had to fly alone. As the trip was only two days long I didn’t even have any ‘recovery’ time before having to get on the plane back.

I always believe in tackling fears and didn’t want my problem with flying to impact on my business. In the past I had tried lots of solutions including valium, alcohol and just toughing it out but my fear was too great and plane journeys were a nightmare for me, causing me not only distress but making me physically ill.

After the two sessions with Ben I felt much better and my anxiety levels in advance of the flight were really very low. I even watched the planes at the airport taking off without feeling the usual dread.

I cannot say it was an overnight cure or that I felt no anxiety whatsoever but the improvement on previous flights was huge. I only felt a little anxious on take off and a couple of times when there was turbulence, but I managed to take an interest in the book I was reading and even to order food and drink, which would have been unthinkable in the past.

If I feel it necessary in the future I may have more hypnotherapy as it has certainly been a big help to me this far; I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with an irrational phobia.”