Reduced Pain & Pain Free Tattoos

Hypnotised and getting a pain free tattooIt is a well known fact that hypnosis is great for pain management, but many people are surprised to learn that the same techniques can be used for reduced pain and even entirely pain-free tattoos.

Hypnosis and body modification actually have a long and intertwined history, and a share tribal root that dates back many thousands of years. This association has persisted to the modern day and now I am pleased to offer modern hypnotic pain management for pain-free and reduced pain tattoos.

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A Short FAQ on pain free tattoos

What will happen if I choose to have a pain free tattoo?

On the day of your tattoo, we will ideally start work a little earlier than your tattooer wants to start tattooing, however, this is really just because it gives us plenty of breathing room.

I have done sessions where the hypnosis happens while the stencil is being applied and even a couple of times while a tattoo is already in progress.

During the tattoo, you can choose to be fully awake but with the area numbed, or you can choose to be in trance for the whole thing, or you can have a mixture of the two.

I will stay for the whole session so you can be assured that you will receive appropriate care throughout.

Afterwards, I will remove the numbness but will leave a post-hypnotic suggestion for analgesia, so you will be comfortable while it heals.

Can I choose the tattoo artist?

Yes. I’m happy to work with your chosen artist as long as they are happy to work with me, or I can put you in touch with an excellent local tattoo artist who I work with regularly.

Will hypnosis and pain reduction work for me?

Everyone can be hypnotised to some degree and it is very rare for someone to have no response to one or more of the pain management techniques I use. Provided you are not one of those rare people who do not respond, then we can expect to achieve a significant reduction in pain.

So far everyone I’ve done this within actual sessions has reported a significant difference in the pain experienced, with many reporting partial or total anaesthesia.

How long does the pain reduction it last

The longest tattoo session I have taken part in was 8 hours. I can’t imagine needing it to work for longer, but there was no sign that it was weakening at the end of this session.

Are there any longer-term side effects of hypnotic anaesthesia?

No. The numbing effect can be removed very quickly, although I always leave a suggestion for reduced sensitivity and increased comfort for the duration of the healing period.

When the session is over and I give the appropriate suggestion, it usually takes no more than a few minutes for the feeling to return, and in many cases it is a matter of seconds.

I would love a tattoo but I’m afraid of needles – can you help?

Yes. Call me on 0789 500 90 90

Can I learn to do this with self-hypnosis?

It is possible to learn this via self-hypnosis but can take a few sessions to learn. Call me to discuss it.

I’m a tattooer, can we work together?

Yes. I love doing this sort of work, tattoo studios are usually pretty great places to work, so count me in! Give me a call and we can take it from there.

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